Embrace the real you

I actually put off starting this (or any) blog because I felt didn’t know how to. Honestly, I thought the blog can be introduced on the about page and there’s no real content that can be added to the first ever blog post and therefore I felt like there was a dilemma I couldn’t get out of; if I don’t know what to put into the first post, how am I ever going to have the second post?

I though about why it was so difficult to me. I wasn’t content with putting this off for another day, week or year. It had to happen today.

I realized I felt that I had nothing to say (more about feelings and truth later) and therefore I felt awkward and scared to go out there and announce that I have a blog. How could I do that when I thought I didn’t have anything to say. I didn’t want to look like a failure.

But then I realized something.

Being scared or awkward means something. It means that you care about being yourself, and that you want to do well. I was watching the Voice of Britain couple of seasons back and I remember what one of the contestants was told:

“It’s ok to be nervous; it simply shows that you want to give your best. It’s not about whether you are nervous or not but about how you manage it.”

That stuck with me. And it applies to everything in life.

The big question in life is not about whether we feel scared, awkward, nervous or like failures at times. It’s about what we do about it. Do we keep going despite the failures or fear or do we give up? Real courage is not about never being afraid but going on despite the fear.

Most importantly, when you admit you’ve failed or that you’re afraid, you’re being real. That allows people to get close to you. It allows for real relationships and real interaction.

And this applies to businesses also. When businesses embrace the fact that they make mistakes and they mess up and they don’t always get it right it makes them so much more human and approachable. Customers are happier and more likely to be more forgiving when they are reminded once in a way that they are not dealing with machines but with humans. After all, that’s what businesses are largely made up of.

Let us therefore be ourselves and appreciate the opportunities that we get to face our fears, be challenged in our patience and practice forgiveness.

If you were never stretched you would never know what you’re really capable of.

In the end, everyone wants to move forward and grown in life, right?


Embrace the real you

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