How to sustain profitability?

I read this article on LinkedIn the other day and found it encapsulates many of the principles of integrating marketing to business strategy to create competitive advantage and sustainable profitability. I will be covering each of these areas in more detail in the coming weeks. In the meantime go ahead and read the article for an overview of how to achieve a long-term competitive advantage!

The 8 strategies for sustainable competitive advantage are:

  1. Be in an attractive industry.
  2. Coherence is the key.
  3. Establish a unique value proposition.
  4. Know your customer.
  5. Justify higher prices with better value proposition.
  6. Make it difficult for your competition to mimic you/ copy you/ replicate you.
  7. Get rid of extra baggage.
  8. Know when to call it quits and when to re-invent yourself.
How to sustain profitability?

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