Embrace the real you

I actually put off starting this (or any) blog because I felt didn’t know how to. Honestly, I thought the blog can be introduced on the about page and there’s no real content that can be added to the first ever blog post and therefore I felt like there was a dilemma I couldn’t get out of; if I don’t know what to put into the first post, how am I ever going to have the second post?

I though about why it was so difficult to me. I wasn’t content with putting this off for another day, week or year. It had to happen today.

I realized I felt that I had nothing to say (more about feelings and truth later) and therefore I felt awkward and scared to go out there and announce that I have a blog. How could I do that when I thought I didn’t have anything to say. I didn’t want to look like a failure.

But then I realized something.

Being scared or¬†awkward means something. It means that you care about being yourself, and Continue reading “Embrace the real you”

Embrace the real you